a bunch of fucking nerds.
shouty. loud. allergic to everything. best hugger. we spent prom night drinking peppermint tea and watching buffy. she said i was patient through her catiching up on supernatural but i havent seen an episode since 2013.
Deleted her tumblr a while ago but still worth putting on here. one of the kindest people i know. i bought her socks with swear words on them. she's probably had assassin training at some point. no one is that nice .
the cutest lil button anyone could ever know. they're my technical good luck flower have technical troubles, send them a nice message about ur day. technical troubles gone. cutest ray of sunshine.
my sea and stars. I am hers for as long as she'll have me. we love each other lots. she is so much cuter than me. i lucked out big time. im so lucky to have her in my life. she's everything i could ever ask for.